Friday, August 28, 2009

Sample Letter to Overwhelmed Leaders

Dear Overwhelmed Leader,

Thanks for talking with me the other day. Most leaders are overwhelmed at some point. Whether it is the amount of work they have and not enough time to get it done, or because they don’t know what to do next, there is a way out of it.

First, it takes considerable prayer. Most leaders get overwhelmed and fail to pray. From personal experience, I’ve found that overwhelmed leaders need to pray more. They need to pray for guidance, wisdom, and strength. Commit yourself to pray more, even if it means that some of your duties take a lower priority for a while.

Next, you need to remember that you shouldn’t be alone. As John C. Maxwell constantly reminds us, leaders without followers are simply taking a walk. You need people around you to support you, as you can’t do it by yourself. Slow down and figure out if some of what you are doing could be done by others. It may require some time to train others, but it is about more than just the time to take the action. The more work you have the more burden you have. You likely need to lighten your load.

Finally, if you just aren’t sure where to go next with your leadership then you may need some time off. Equip your team to survive without you. Take a much needed break. Refresh your spirit and your passion. Perhaps God is calling you to something else. If not, it may just be a time for you to take a sabbath from your leadership. This may be for just a weekend or for a few weeks. Don’t leave your team in the dark. Work with your team and your fellow leaders to build a plan into your team.

I pray that this guidance helps you deal with the issues at hand.

Your Friend

[from Agile Ministry by James Higginbotham]

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