Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is The U.S. Open to Global Currency?

Last night, President Barack Obama expressed confidence in the dollar and declared: "I don't believe that there's a need for a global currency."

Normally, that would settle the issue. But in the past 24 hours two of Obama's top economic advisers have signaled an openness to such a new global currency -- in one form or another. What's going on?

Politico's Ben Smith reports that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said this morning that he was open to a new global currency to replace the dollar, as proposed by a Chinese central banker. Geithner, according to Smith, said that the proposal -- which he has not yet read -- is less transformative that headlines have suggested. "We’re actually quite open to that suggestion – you should see it as rather evolutionary rather building on the current architecture rather than moving us to global monetary union," Geithner said.

Later, the moderator, per Smith "apparently sensing a gaffe," asked Geithner to clarify his remarks. Geithner walked back his earlier comments and said he does not see the dollar being sidelined by a new currency.

But Geithner wasn't the only top Obama adviser who refused to rule out a transition to a global currency. White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said much the same thing yesterday afternoon in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Although he characterized such a change as "unlikely," Goolsbee twice declined to rule out such a global currency despite being pressed by Blitzer. "I haven't seen the details of the proposal," Goolsbee said. The entire exchange follows:

BLITZER: The Chinese suggesting today, this dollar, U.S. dollar, should be replaced as international currency, because they are beginning to have concerns that you are printing, the U.S. government is simply printing too many of these dollars and will lose its value as an international currency.

What's your reaction?

GOOLSBEE: It strikes me as probably unlikely.

Different people have in the past argued for world currencies or new -- new currencies before. I believe the U.S. at this point is the safest place to invest in the world. And it's likely to remain that the dollar is a critical currency in the years ahead.

BLITZER: So, you -- you don't like some new international currency that some Chinese are proposing?

GOOLSBEE: Well, look...

BLITZER: I assume that's right, right?

GOOLSBEE: I haven't seen the details of what they are proposing.

I mean, the dollar is the dollar. If people don't want to buy it, they don't buy it. But I think you have seen sort of a flight to the dollar in -- in times of trouble.

[from CNN]

GreenRidge Civitans Honor Clergy

The GreenRidge Tennessee Civitan Club honored area clergy. Civitan clubs around the world honor clergy for their service to others. A special dinner was held at Highland Chapel in Ridgetop with Rev. Michael Davenport from the Nashville Rescue Mission as the guest speaker.

Guests included Brother John Blackwell and Lois, Dave Macy from Ridgetop First Baptist, Brother Craig Geesaman and Lisa from Metro Baptist, Brother Richard Lovvorn and Jonnie from Church of God of Prophecy, Greenbrier Chapel, Brother Jack Evans and Dianne from Ebenezer Baptist Church, Brother David Coulter and Wanda from Fellowship Baptist Church, Rev. Jeff Fryer and Naomi and Dr. Jeff Keyes representing Highland Chapel Union Church.

Club President Paulette White said the Clergy Appreciation Week began as a commemoration of the death of four military chaplains during World War II who were aboard the troopship USS Dorchester that was torpedoed in the North Atlantic. The chaplains helped to quiet the soldiers, finally giving their lives when they gave their live jackets to other soldiers.

[from The Tennessean]

Church Planting Conference

The Church of God National Church Planting Office (NCPO) is partnering with the America Ablaze church planting initiative to produce the first conference based on the mother/daughter church planting model.

The two entities have planned the conference for May 18-21, 2009 in Madisonville, Ky., in conjunction with a scheduled national church planting lab.

“Jesus charged His disciples with the Great Commission just before he ascended into Heaven,” stated Timothy M. Hill, assistant general overseer for the Church of God. “Matthew 28:19 says to, ‘Go and make disciples for all nations.’ The disciples obeyed His command by going from town to town leading people to faith in Christ and planting churches. Acts was the first church planting book ever written.”

Speakers for the Mothering/Daughtering Lab will include Paul Becker , author of The Dynamic Daughter Church Planting Handbook and director of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI); Dr. Owen Weston, director of the Church Planting Revitalization (CPR) Institute; and Dr. Ed Stetzer, director of Church Planting for the Southern Baptist denomination.

A special track for certification training will take place on May 17 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. open to state evangelism and home missions directors, administrative leaders and pastors. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the newest book from DCPI on Mother/Daughtering churches. In addition every pastor who registers will receive a 232-page manual from DCPI that covers every aspect of the mother/daughter church planting concept.

Costs for the Lab is $99.00 per person and an additional $50.00 for those attending the May 17 special track training. Space is limited and registration is available by calling 270-825-3513 or on line at Additional information can alos be obtained by calling the America Ablaze office at (423) 478-7079.