Friday, August 28, 2009

Sample letter to Outside Leaders

Dear Outside Leader,

I know it has been a struggle for you to lead while feeling like you are on the outside of your church leaders. Dealing with cliques can be a difficult time. It often reminds us of high school and can lead us to act like we are still there. I have a few thoughts on how to handle this kind of situation - I hope they help you out.

The Bible teaches us that David went through the same thing with Saul. It took David years of being on the outside before he became king and was able to lead effectively. In that time, he was chased, hunted, and had spears thrown at him. During this time, David spent many days alone and in hiding, with only the Lord to guide him.

While being on the outside may not be as bad as what David went through, it can be a tough situation to endure. Make sure you are listening and talking with God during this time. This may be a time when God wants to shape your heart and passion in a way that would not happen otherwise. Just like David, Moses went through 40 years before God fully prepared him to lead a nation.

While your leadership may never be as large as David or Moses, it is important to accept where you are at and to keep moving. God has a purpose for you and lessons to teach you. He wants to prepare you for bigger things, and this is likely one of those seasons.He may keep you where you are at a bit longer before something changes. Keep at it. Obey the Lord. Seek His counsel.

Finally, remember to focus on your team. Your team is looking to you for direction and leadership. Give it to them. Even if you don’t get the same thing from the leaders above you. Be the leader you need, not the ones you see.

All the best in your leadership journey.

Your Friend

[from Agile Ministry by James Higginbotham]

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