Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Historical Society of Church of God Movements Meets This Month

The ninth annual meeting of the Historical Society of Church of God Movements is scheduled for Thursday, May 27, 2010 on the campus of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The theme for the 10:00 a.m. gathering is “Development of Education in the Church of God Movements.”

The meeting will be held in the Curtsinger School of Music at the corner of Parker Streets and 11th Streets.

According to Dr. Louis Morgan, second vice president, this year’s theme focuses on a discussion of education and will include three brief presentations (about 10 minutes each) on various aspects of the development of education within the Church of God movements.

Also, the two-year tenure for the offices of the Society ends with this meeting and the members will be electing a new second vice president. “We are grateful to Adrian Varlack for his leadership as President of the Society for the last two years,” Morgan stated.

The Society’s mission and purpose are “to promote the study, interpretation and interpretation of the history and heritage of Church of God movements in their variety of expressions. It shall also seek to produce, and encourage the production of historical materials (written, audio-visual, Internet), to encourage the preservation of documents, records and photographs related to the movements, and to promote occasions for the movements to remember, appreciate and celebrate their history and heritage.”

In 2009, there were 20 individuals present, representing five denominations, four archival repositories, a university, a community historical society, and several local churches.

Membership in the Historical Society of Church of God Movements is open to, all persons who wish to learn more about the history and heritage of the movements, contribute to our historical understanding, or support the work of the Society. The Society meets each year on the first Thursday after Memorial Day.

If you are interested in attending or joining, contact Secretary Don Brock at DGBrock@aol.com.