Monday, April 19, 2010

National Day of Prayer

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National Day of Prayer Under Attack

Sadly, prayer is on the line again according to a federal district court in Wisconsin, where a judge has ruled in favor of an atheist organization - declaring the National Day of Prayer UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

This lawsuit is yet another twisted legal attempt to remove prayer from public life. It is yet another attempt to cause time-honored tradition to be trampled by those seeking to destroy religious liberty.

I don't see the crisis here. A day set aside for prayer for our country is a longstanding tradition. It's a day of recognizing prayer. No one is COMPELLED to take part.

Such observances not only reflect our nation's rich history, but are also consistent with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

How long will Christians be pushed back? Will this attack continue in America until the end of time?

I don't think this time-honored American tradition should come to an end. America should not be offended by our heritage. And, Christians should preserve our religious freedoms.

If you want to do more, join the COMMITTEE TO PROTECT THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER - it will be represented in the amicus brief being preparing to file in this case.

And be sure to use the website's forward-to-friend tool to encourage your friends and family to join as well.