Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's Quote

"Why are Christians the ones who like to hover around the Tree of Knowledge, baiting the serpent and battling each other, rather than being the people who like to play in the garden?" John Baker-Batsel

How To Forgive

Forgiveness is a skill. As with any skill, it requires practice to learn. Use these techniques to master forgiving…

> Change the channel. First, take responsibility for how you feel. Even though you are hurt, try to appreciate the good in your life. Rather than rehashing your grievances, focus on gratitude, love and appreciation of beauty.

Imagine that what you see in your mind is being viewed on a TV screen. Perhaps you are stuck on the Grievance Channel. Reprogram your remote control to…

- Gratitude Channel. As you wake up in the morning, give thanks for your breath and the gift of your life.
- Love Channel. Look for people who are in love, and smile at their happiness. Call up a few close friends, and tell them you care about them.
- Beauty Channel. Find a favorite spot in nature. In times of stress, remember what that spot looks and feels like.

> Calm down. Learn to maintain your sense of peace in any situation, no matter how upsetting. A 45-second technique called Positive Emotion Refocusing Technique can calm you whenever you feel angry, hurt, depressed or bitter about an unresolved grievance or a relationship problem…

1. Bring your attention fully to your stomach as you slowly inhale and exhale for two deep breaths. As you inhale, allow the air to gently push your belly out. As you exhale, consciously relax your belly so that it feels soft.
2. On the third deep inhalation, bring to your mind’s eye an image of someone you love or a beautiful nature scene that fills you with awe or wonder.
3. Focus on the image and the resulting warm feelings, and notice that your belly is still slowly moving in and out.
4. When you feel relaxed, see if the part of you that is calm can allow you to see the situation differently.

Forgiving someone who has wronged you could end up being the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Give yourself the chance to try these steps, and enjoy the freedom you'll receive.

[from John Tesh]