Friday, October 24, 2008

ORU Settles Lawsuit

Mart Green, Billy Wilson, and the Oral Roberts University Board reached a settlement Wednesday with two former professors who sued last year, claiming they were forced out after uncovering financial and ethical wrongdoing by the school's former president and family.

The confidential settlement with Tim and Paulita Brooker came at the end of a court-ordered mediation session and helps bring to a close the scandal that engulfed the evangelical school, founded in the 1960's by televangelist Oral Roberts, and led to the resignation of his son, Richard, as president.

The Brookers also had named the Robertses, former school regents and officials in the October 2007 wrongful termination lawsuit.

In January, the school settled out of court with professor John Swails, who brought the lawsuit along with the Brookers. That confidential agreement resulted in Swails' reinstatement at ORU.

In a statement read by his attorney, Richard Roberts said: "The university decided to settle the lawsuit with the Brookers, and I support the university. I cannot comment any further at this time."

Gary Richardson, an attorney for the Brookers, said, "I'm happy to see the Brookers be able to put this behind them so they can go on with their lives, and of course I'm happy to see it as well for the university."

The school's $50 million-plus debt has since been whittled to nearly $17.3 million, thanks to a $70 million donation from billionaire Oklahoma City businessman Mart Green who now serves as Chairman of the Board along with Billy Wilson.

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