Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti People Before the Earthquake

This is a video recorded by Gabriel Vidal in Haiti in July 2008 of the Church of God of Prophecy orphanage.

Look at the faces.

No one has been able to reach any of them since the earthquake. Their condition is unknown.

Please pray for all of them.

CLICK HERE to download more info in PDF.

Haiti Disaster

"As you may know, the Church of God of Prophecy has a significant presence in Haiti, with about 58,000 members, many of them in the Port au Prince area, in addition to the orphanage which houses almost 70 children about an hour from the capital. Since the earthquake hit, we have not been able to reach Bishop Dorlean, our national overseer. We are continuing to try to make contact and will keep in touch through Facebook, the International Office website ( and the E-newsletter, Connections.

"Although our information is limited right now, we know the needs are astronomical. The website has information on how you can begin to give."

David Bryan
Missions Director
Church of God of Prophecy