Sunday, May 9, 2010

At least 10 things I have learned about leadership.

#1 – Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it; in fact, it may actually just cause it to be a more expensive problem!

#2 – A leader should care way more about HOW people are doing rather than HOW they are doing their work. (The leader that doesn’t care about the people he serves with is most likely using them for his glory, not God’s!)

#3 – Loyalty cannot be demanded … it must be earned.

#4 – If there isn’t a system to see what you want to see happen on a consistant basis … then it probably isn’t going to happen on a consistant basis.

#5 – If we don’t make integrity an issue then it WILL become an issue.

#6 – Getting a clearer vision of JESUS is essential to having a clearer vision for our church … we can’t be like Him if we don’t know Him.

#7 – People do not naturally drift into making radical commitments … they must be challenged to go there.

#8 – The risks don’t get easier … they become more intense.

#9 – If God has called you to do "it," then you are empowered and gifted to do "it" as well!

#10 – The people God has placed to lead with you should be listened to and valued; after all, God speaks to them too!

[from Perry Noble dot com by perry]