Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Ways To Draw Me To Your Church

You want me to come and stay at your church? Then ...

10. Show me Jesus
9. Smile
8. Serve me
7. Help me to get involved and connected
6. Look me in the eye
5. Ask my opinion
4. Be clear and anticipate my questions
3. Remember my name
2. Call me (without asking me for something)
1. Be yourself

All of these together boil down to one simple message: Show That You Care.

[from Ministry Best Practices by Bill Reichart]

Today's Prayer

God, You are so good. Your plans are bigger than I could ever imagine. You always honor Your promises. Your love knows no bounds, and You always look at my heart, not necessarily my appearance (although I know I must abstain from "the appearance of evil"). Because You love me, You will discipline me and Your Holy Spirit will convict my heart and speak to my mind to keep me in line. That's how I know I'm Your child. I know that You can change me and make me more like Jesus, if I will agree and not fight against Your will. I am willing Lord. Mold me and make me into that precious child and Christian light that You would have me be. In Jesus' name, amen.

Overcome Your Weaknesses

Every human being has one or more weaknesses. The idea that ministers are perfect, divine, and without weakness is absurd.

Knowing that, it is essential to protect yourself. Don't open the door for the enemy. Guard yourself against the tricks of the devil, and those who are used by him.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

- No minister of the Gospel should be alone with a female that is not his wife. I’m not sure any Christian man should, really. Sexual temptation is a primary weakness for men. So make provision for it. Hide yourself in the cleft of the rock. Accountability software for internet use-like Covenant Eyes -is another excellent example of the provision principle in action.

- Weekends are high stress for most clergy families. Make provision for this. Don’t make difficult decisions or engage in discussions that invite conflict between Saturday and Monday afternoon. It’s a weak spot, so minimize the liability, spare yourself needless collateral damage to your marriage.

- Teach your staff about how to pass on different types of information, and they can communicating within these parameters. Certain modes of interaction trigger wrong responses, leading to bad decisions. Make provision for this weakness by getting info you need at the right time, in the right format.

- Take some time this week to identify some weak places in your life. Then get together with the people you call partners, and make provision.Hide yourself in the rock.

Today's Quote

"Ministry requires scholastic achievement and professional competence as well as a consecrated, Christian life."