Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Need Strong Local Churches Healthy Enough To Plant Churches

[From MMI Weblog by Todd Rhoades]

Ed Stetzer was first up at the Exponential Conference. Ed talked about some of the new research they have done at Lifeway on Church Planting churches. It was a very informational session. I jotted down just a few notes about the session that you might find interesting...

- If you are a church planter who is not interested in planting churches, they you are a dead end on the great commission pipeline.

- When your church is planted, your church is ready to plant.

- Church planting is the greatest thing your church can do for evangelism.

- Training is more important that finances when planting churches.

- Do your church’s official documents mention church planting? Is church planting in your church’s DNA?

- Does your church regularly send people out to help start and/or support new churches?

We have plenty of church planters … what we need now are tons more churches who are willing to help these planters plant churches.