Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Update - 1/16/10

We have finally made direct contact with the orphanage and people of Haiti. Last night at about midnight Ben Feliz (who I serve with on the Administrative Committee) received a call from Bishop Flavio Rosario, who was able to meet with Bishop Dorlean. Brother Rosario and his team spent the night with Bishop Dorlean in a church member's house that was not damaged.

Bishop Rosario's team was able to bring food and water to feed the children of the orphanage for a few days. We are currently coordinating a team of full size trucks that will be getting to the people in Haiti with food, water, tents, sheets , blankets, tooth paste, etc.

Bishop Dorlean could not express with words his graititude this act of Christian solidarity. We assured him that we are praying with them in this dark hour and that we are making many efforts to show Christian love to our brothers and sisters of Haiti.

We expect to receive a report from Bishop Flavio Rosario today that will update and prioritize the needs that the people have on the ground.

We are coordinating with Bishop Quiterio Rosario in the Dominincan Republic who will go back to Haiti with a full size truck containing food, water, sheets, supplies, blankets and some tents since the children are staying out in soccer field. Bishop Rosario is heading for Santo Domingo to return to Haiti with help as soon as possible.

Isn't it wonderful how the family of God works in times like these?!