Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easter Planning

It's hard to believe, but Easter is only seven weeks away - coming up on Sunday, April 24th.

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There are some easy things you can do to maximize the impact of Easter at your church. Nelson Searcy recently wrote these learnings in a new e-book called "Maximizing Easter" that he will give you.

In fact, he is giving away a number of Bonus Resources (up to $214.00 value) to help you further prepare for Easter.

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It's been proven that people are most likely to come to church when they are:

1. Under tension
2. In transition
3. In trouble

With the current state of uncertainty in the US, more people than ever are open and ready to attend your Easter services. What if you could break all previous attendance records this Easter?

Once you sign up for your FREE e-book, you'll be able to train all your staff and volunteers on "How to Maximize Easter" this year.

In this nuts and bolts, 30-page PDF E-Book, you will:

* Decide what to preach on Easter Sunday (and what NOT to preach)
* Spiritually prepare yourself and your church for a life-changing Easter
* Plan and prepare for the most powerful service possible
* Capture the opportunities that only come once a year with Easter
* Encourage your first-time Easter guests to return the next week
* Have an effective plan to follow-up with everyone who attends
* Plus so much more!

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