Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don Brock Speaks in Fort Payne

Dr. Don Brock speaking at the middle school in Fort Payne, Alabama concerning emotional development.

Today's Quote

"The key to revival is not getting our churches filled with people, but getting the people who come to our churches filled with God." -- Duncan Campbell

Tomlinson Center Board of Trustees

(L to R: Elgarnet Rahming, Phil Pruitt, Tom Coalter, Chairman Tim Harper (seated), Dr. H. E. Cardin (Director), Don Brock, Jose Garcia, and Everton Campbell, 10/29/2008) (Click on image to enlarge it.)

The Tomlinson Center Board of Trustees concluded their Fall Board Meeting today in Cleveland with plans for further expansion.

The ABC's of Supporting Your Pastor

As Clergy Appreciation Month comes to a close, I must leave you with the ABC's of supporting your pastor:

A Accept him
B Befriend him
C Compliment him
D Defend him
E Encourage him
F Fellowship
G Give him time for his family
H Help him
I Include him in your plans
J Join him in leading others to Christ
K Kindness toward him
L Love him and Lift him up
M Minister with him
N Notify him when he is needed
O Open your homes and hearts to him
P Pray for him
Q Quote him correctly
R Recognize his role
S Strengthen him/Support him
T Thank him
U Undergird him
V Voice your feelings to him, not others
W Work with him
X X out every word of criticism and discouragement
Y Yield yourselves to God with him
Z Zeal for Christ and His church