Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When the Leader is Attacked Unjustly ...

Leaders MUST be willing to make unpopular decisions at times …and when that happens you can bet on the fact that arrows are going to fly in your direction. So … when the arrows fly … what are your options?

1. You Can Cry - the problem is – people can’t stand to hear other people cry! Seriously … no one has ever been inspired to do anything great from the whining of another person. Trust me, I’ve done my share of crying. And while it may bring some brief apathy and sympathy, it never accomplishes anything significant for the Kingdom!

2. You Can Die - I know people who have allowed the attacks of others to literally kill the joy inside of them. If you are a leader, then you are mistaken if you actually think that everyone is always going to embrace you and/or your ideas. Do not allow the voice of those who know you the least to shape you the most – to do so means certain death to the fire inside of your soul!

3. You Can Fry - I remember once several years ago having an incredibly difficult time with some things that others were saying about me, and it was stealing my joy. I would read the blog site around 10 times a day and steaming over the comments … until a mentor told me, “I call what you are doing 'verbal pornography!' Reading that site is not helping you. It is only damaging you!" BAM! I was allowing to voice of the enemy to focus all of my attention in the wrong place … thus ignoring my wife, my daughter and my church. Yes, we will get angry when attacked unjustly. But, to dwell in and feed that anger does nothing but give the enemy a foothold into our lives. (Ephesians 4:26-27)

4. You Can Lie - We can say things don’t hurt us and try to laugh it off … but reality is when we do that we are lying! Attacks by the people in the cheap seats always sting. So, the best thing you can do is honestly admit to a group of people you trust how you honestly feel! The sooner you admit the truth the more people will be able to help you walk through this. (And trust me, God doesn’t intend for you to be on the battlefield alone!)

5. You Can Try - (BEST option!) When knocked down we can get back up! When attacked we can stay focused and keep doing what God has called us to do. We are NOT called to quit, but rather KEEP trying! If you are a leader, then you cannot afford to waste time defending yourself and making sure the opinion polls are always in your favor. We’ve GOT to be passionately obsessed with listening to God and then doing EXACTLY as He says … EVERY SINGLE DAY. We can never allow the voice of the enemy take the calling that the MOST HIGH GOD put into our lives! Don't give up. What we do is SO worth it! Keep trying your best to desperately run after Jesus and the vision HE gives … and don’t allow the snakes to scare you … Jesus CRUSHED the head of the serpent … and in HIM we can do the same! WALK IN VICTORY!

[from Perry Noble dot com by perry]