Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leading on Empty

"For over thirty years my drive for excellence propelled me. It wasn't that I was compulsive; I simply had a deep desire to do my best. I drove hard on all cylinders, not realizing that being an entrepreneur means that everything you initiate, by default you must add to your maintenance list ...

Slowly, the unwelcome symptoms began to surface. Ministry became more arduous. My daily tasks seemed unending, and e-mails began to stack up. People I deeply cared about became problems to be avoided, and deliberating about new vision no longer stirred my soul.

Although I never doubted my calling and gifting, what began as a joy that filled me now became a load that drained me. But I didn't know where I could trim. People were coming to Christ and lives were being changed. How could all this be wrong?

Decisions -- even small ones -- seemed to paralyze me. Gradually my creativity began to flag and I found it easier to imitate rather than initiate."

The above quote comes from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. In his new book, Leading on Empty, Pastor Wayne diagnoses a problem that is wide-spread among church leaders: burnout. He tells his story, and encourages pastors to learn from him and many leaders from the Bible who experienced burnout. Leaders like Elijah, and Moses, and David.

If you think you’re the only leader that wonders how he can continue at the same pace, you’re not. And if you think you can lead uninterrupted with vision and passion for year after year without a break, you’re wrong.

How’s your energy level? Do you need a break? Do you need to re-charge? Might I suggest one way to do so is to pick up Wayne’s book and learn from it. He will give you some great insight on how to lead well, and, best of all, how to FINISH well.

[from MMI Weblog by Todd Rhoades]