Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Pastor Appointed to Peerless Road Church

Pastor Steve Wilson has been appointed as the new pastor at Peerless Road Church of God of Prophecy in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Pastor Steve began preaching and evangelizing at age 18. In 1993 he married his beautiful wife Lee and they began their team ministry together. Their gifted ministry of singing and preaching has allowed them to serve as the key note speakers and singers for many regional, state, and international youth conferences for the kingdom of God.

For many years they served as youth pastors and music directors at the local level before accepting the call to pastoral ministry. They are noted for their innovative approach to ministry.

Pastor Wilson is recognized for his unique ability to bring the Bible to life in memorable ways using vivid illustrations mixed with humor and practical life application. His down to earth approach, relevance, genuine love for others, and passion to see them experience a growing relationship with God appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Lee's anointed and gifted ministry in the creative arts and music ministry brings a fresh and life changing experience that enhances the whole body of Christ. Her Love for all people is felt by everyone and her leadership is undeniable.

Pastor Wilson is a graduate of Beacon Seminary with a bachelor's degree in Biblical Theology. He was also recently honored to become an ordained Bishop in the Church of God of Prophecy. He has been married to the love of his life, Lee, for more than 13 years and enjoys spending time with their two children Zack and Greg.

Pastor Wilson most recently served the RTP Church of God of Prophecy located in Research Triangle Park, NC.

This new appointment was announced this morning by Pastor Wilson at his local church, and by State Overseer E. C. McKinley at the Peerless Road Church.

So You Are A Leader?

Here are seven diagnostic questions you need to keep asking yourself as a leader, to determine if you are fulfilling God's Call with your personal life, and staying holy and healthy.

DO I REALLY KNOW GOD? If ministry activity were taken away from me, would I still have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus?

DO I TRULY PURSUE INTEGRITY? Are there areas of ongoing secrecy in my life that I am intentionally hiding from those closest to me?

AM I BEING MYSELF? Am I living under the self-imposed pressure of always having to prove something to somebody?

DO I OWN RESPONSIBILITY? Do I acknowledge my mistakes or do I project blame and use my influence to vent unresolved anger?

DO I EMBRACE CHANGE? Is my attitude faith-filled and future-focused or am I overly nostalgic of the past and fearful of taking risks in the present?

DO I LOVE LEARNING? Am I coasting intellectually or am I applying myself to the disciplines of personal study and reflection?

DO I LIVE JOYFULLY? Do I love what I am doing or have I taken the pressures of ministry onto myself?

[by Pastor Jim Bradford]