Wednesday, October 5, 2011

COG Ministerial Care Director Receives Top Award

In a recent meeting of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Bill Leonard Ph.D., counseling director for the Church of God Office of Ministerial Care, received the top “Servant Leadership Award” as a Board Certified Christian Counselor.

The AACC, which currently has in excess of 50,000 members, selected Dr. Leonard to receive the highest award in Christian counseling. Three other recipients were given comparable awards for Professional Counseling, Pastoral Counseling and Biblical Counseling.

AACC Executive Director Ken Nichols stated, “It is my privilege to present to you the 2011 Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors “Servant Leadership Award” winners. These credential holders exemplify the high standard of the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors through Godly character, counseling skills and a commitment to serve the Lord by caring for others.”

“Of special note is the fact that Dr. Leonard is the first Pentecostal counselor to receive this top award!” said Dr. Donnie W. Smith, executive administrator for the Division of Care for the Church of God.

Dr. Leonard serves as the Director of Ministerial Care for the Church of God International Offices. He cares for pastors and their families through counseling, training, restoration of fallen ministers and preventive care.

Dr. Leonard teaches pastoral clinics, conducts marriage enrichment seminars and special training workshops for pastors. He has served as a pastoral counselor for more than 25 years and a full-time professional counselor for 11 years.

Dr. Leonard received a B.A. in Christian Education from Lee College in Cleveland, TN and an M.A. and doctorate degree from International Seminary in Plymouth, FL. He is an AACC member and is certified as a Crisis & Trauma Responder. He and his wife, Luann, live in Cleveland, TN, and have three children and three grandchildren.

General Overseer Dr. Raymond Culpepper said, “When an organization like American Association of Christian Counselors with 50,000 members, honors one of its members with a special award and recognition, it is honoring a person’s life, character, and Christian commitment. I am personally proud of Dr. Bill Leonard, and the Church of God is thankful that we have a man of such exceptional qualities leading our Ministerial Care.”