Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prayer For Kenya

[From Bishop R. E. Howard, General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy]

Everyone involved would have hoped that the disruptions in Kenya would have ended by now. So after days without hearing any word, we have received a clear report from our overseer in Kenya, Bishop Cyril Odendo. I would like to ask all members and friends of the COGOP to pray intensely for the restoration of order and peace in Kenya. Here is some of the report received today.

Bishop Odendo writes:

I will address the issues under the following headings.

A) DEGENERATION OF PEACE - The fighting, deaths and eviction of people, which previously affected Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western Kenya, Nairobi and the Coastal Provinces has not only continued unabated but has also engulfed the Central provinces where organized but outlawed Mungiki gangs are killing non-residents mercilessly. The death toll which stood at 600 people has according to the government, which is keen on saving its face, gone up to 1000 people.

Nearly one million people are camping in areas purported to be safe like, the police stations, yet these have become the targets of killer gangs and the police are also known to be taking sides in the situation.

B) CHURCHES CLOSED OR DESTROYED - Nearly all our churches have closed in Trans Mara ,Timboroa , Naivasha, Kisii and parts of Nairobi, Nakuru and Migori. Many of our members have been forcefully evicted from their houses, property destroyed or stolen and some of our members are confirmed dead.

Whereas it is nearly impossible to travel by road in Kenya, some organizations are making arrangements for transport and security to evacuate their people from these hostile areas. In as much as Red Cross is overwhelmed by the growing number of needy people, there is a lot of hostility in the camps and many threats on their lives.

[Bishop Odendo goes on to report about Health Hazards due to the lack of civil services and government controls; Forced Evictions putting some members, believers, and innocents out from homes; Starvation in parts of the nation; Evacuation of Members who are in the most desperate areas; and sadly Funeral Arrangement Costs. Clearly the situation is no better and the collapse of government has created greater problems that are spreading over the nation. Please respond to this call for prayer for restoration of peace in the nation of Kenya.

All who wish to donate for emergency relief may give offerings specifically for the Kenya Crisis. Local churches may send their offerings through Harvest Partners and Individual donors may address their offerings to Helping Hands.

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