Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cry Out America

America needs a new spiritual Awakening!

God is calling us to sound the alarm!

In 2001, extremist enemies assaulted our nation with the terrorist attacks of 9-11. These acts of aggression signaled a physical wake up call for our nation as we entered the new millennium. America and many of our allies united together in immediate response. Vigilance increased. Security tightened. Reserves were activated and our nation was moved to action.

Now, seven years later, a new spiritual wake-up call will be issued on 9-11-08. This spiritual alarm will be sounded by Christian believers across America in a nationwide, simultaneous prayer gathering.

Cry Out America calls for us to gather at every county courthouse from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. on this notable day in a united response before the Lord. Together we will cry out for God's mercy at the place of justice and focus prayer on awakening our county for Christ.

The Awakening America Alliance believes that now is the time to unite for America's future. Supernatural intervention is our only hope of turning the spiritual tide in our day. In every great awakening throughout history, extraordinary, united prayer has been critical. We need your help in making September 11th an extraordinary day of prayer.

We would like for you to prayerfully consider becoming involved by coordinating your county's Cry Out America gathering(s). Many of the 3,141 counties in the United States still need coordinators to facilitate and lead this event. If you believe that extraordinary prayer is needed to awaken our nation and you are willing to be used of God in making it happen, then please take a moment to review the county coordinator job description, find your county and apply today.

Printnt and share details about the 9/11 prayer gathering:
Cry Out America!, Legal Size Poster - Color 8.5 x 14 Poster (PDF)
Cry Out America!, Bulletin Flyer - Color 6x9 Flyer (PDF)
July Prayer Guide (PDF)

Download and print this powerful prayer guide to assist you in praying for a Christ Awakening in America. This month’s guide focuses on restoring the highway of holiness.

Order the Awakening America Leadership Summit CD's. Please print the attached CD Order Form and return it to:
Awakening America
PO Box 3986
Cleveland, TN 37311

Articles and Program Resources:

Cry Out America Generic Letterhead (PDF)

Cry Out America Generic Envelope (PDF)

Cry Out America Letterhead (PDF)

Cry Out America Envelope (PDF)

Suggested Introduction for Cry Out America Courthouse Gathering (PDF)

Suggested Patriotic, God and Country Themed Hymns (PDF)

Scripture Readings (PDF)

Readings on Revival (PDF)

Cry Out America Job Description (PDF)

Sample Cry Out America Program Outline (PDF)

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Solemn Assembly - A sermon, in PDF format, explaining the Biblical concept of Solemn Assembly by Richard Owen Roberts.

From the Founding Fathers - Quotes from America’s founding fathers on the spiritual heritage of the United States

Lincoln’s National Day of Prayer Proclamation - Abraham Lincoln’s call to a national day of prayer serves as a powerful example of what can happen to our nation when we humble ourselves and seek God’s face.

Cry Out America

Release The Anointing Conference

Ron Phillips Ministries Partner & Friends Weekend is only a few weeks away. This year's theme: Release the Anointing. The dictionary definitions of anoint are pretty simple: 1. To apply oil, ointment, or a similar substance to. 2. To put oil on during a religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration. 3. To choose by or as if by divine intervention. In the Bible, kings were anointed, sheep were anointed, Jesus is described as the anointed one. New Testament anointing brought healing and deliverance. Today, we say that people have "anointings" for different types of ministry. Who can be anointed? Is an anointing practical or spiritual? Can you transfer an anointing?

At Partner and Friends Weekend, Pastor Phillips will take you through history, the abuses and the biblical uses for anointing. This teaching is fresh, will challenge your faith, and make you hungry and thirsty for a personal outpouring. After you are taught what the Bible mandates in regard to anointing we will, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, release a personal anointing on everyone who attends.

Also, you will be led in worship at every session by anointed worshippers Anthony Evans, Lester & Holly and Abba's Army.

Visit to register for the conference, to find a list of hotels and to plot driving directions to Abba's House.