Saturday, February 9, 2008

National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer on May 1 is another opportunity for your church to come together in prayer. This site provides information about how to plan or find an event near you.

Preparing For Sunday

As pastors, we are very fallible people and yet we are to speak for God. In this article, John Ortberg explains how preparation is a way of life, not just something we do to get “amped up” for the weekend.

How all-too-human preachers can prepare their souls to preach -

Tools To Help People Grow Spiritually

[By Rick Warren]

If you want the people in your church to grow, you’ve got to be intentional. Many people think that the Purpose Driven paradigm is all about church growth. It’s really about spiritual growth. It’s not about building hearers of the Word; it’s about building doers of the Word. In this issue, we’ll look at three tools that Saddleback uses to help people grow. [more]

Evangelism Quote of the Day

“God be thanked when the Law so works as to take off the sinner from all confidence in himself! To make the leper confess that he is incurable is going a great way toward compelling him to go to that divine Savior, who alone is able to heal him. This is the whole end of the Law toward men whom God will save.” - Charles Spurgeon