Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 of a 21-Day Fast

His Will, Not Yours

"'And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.” (Exodus 19:6)

On your twentieth day of fasting, remember:
- Continue to speak regularly with an accountability partner from your group – you will need this more than ever these last two days
- Continue to drink water
- Pray for guidance and strength
- Worship God through music and praise
- Document your thoughts in your prayer journal

Physical Effects:
- Weight loss continues
- You become mentally aware of the Lord’s presence all around you
- Cravings are still apparent, but you’ve lasted this long!

Today’s Quote: “The proof that we haave the vision is that we are reaching out for more than we have grasped. Our reach must exceed our grasp. If we have only what we have experienced, we have nothing; if we have the inspiration of the vision of God, we have more than we can experience. Beware of the danger of relazation spiritually.” (Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest)

Thoughts for your Journal:
- Take some time today and go back to read your journal entries from the start of the fast to this 20th day.
- What do your journal entries tell you about your own personal journey these last three weeks?
- Take a moment and journal about the breakthroughs you have experienced or key things the Lord has shown you during the fast. Spend time in prayer and thanksgiving.

Today's Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for always being with me.

Please help me, and remind me, not to react to situations in a fleshly manner. When I am faced with vicious gossip or wrongdoing against me or something I strongly disagree with, please help me to remain silent when I should and to speak with calm wisdom when called for, but to never lose my temper or just "react."

I want to act like a Christian should act regardless of what others might choose to do. I want to be a testimony for my Lord and Savior. I want to remain faithful in whatever circumstance. May You be glorified.

Thank You so much for Your guidance, patience, and love.

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.