Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Lies Ahead For America?

How long will it be until the following happens in America?

- Same sex marriage - legalized
- No more “See you at the pole” now illegal
- Boy Scouts disband rather than accept homosexuals
- Elementary schools include compulsory gender identity classes
- No more religious broadcasting
- Doctors who don’t offer artificial insemination for lesbians are fined
- Churches cannot legally refuse to host homosexual weddings
- Open homosexuality in the military
- No more churches renting school facilities
- No more Campus Crusade or Intervarsity
- No more pledge of allegiance in public schools
- Nurses cannot refuse to be involved with abortions
- FCC drops obsene language and nudity regulations from broadcast television
- Porn openly displayed in public stores for sale
- Illegal to privately own a gun in 8 states
- Home schooling has been severely restricted
- Terrorist bombs have exploded in four US cities
- Government now provides all healthcare
- People older than 80 have no access to healthcare or hospitals
- Restrictions on Christian books
- Prosecution of Bush Administration employees

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