Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prayer Rally - September 10

Cry Out America evening prayer rally to be beamed around the world from New York City on September 10.

USA (ET): 21:00 September 12 (repeated at 02:30 & 15:00 on 11th)UK (BST): 02:00, 15:00 & 21:30 11th SeptemberEurope (CET): 23:30 on 11th Sept (repeated at 15:00 on 13th)Africa (SAT): 22:30 on 11th Sept. (repeated at 14:00 on 13th).Asia (IST): 22:30 on 11th Sept. (repeated at 14:00 on 13th)Hong Kong (HKT): 01:00 on 12th Sept. (repeated at 16:30 on 13th)Australasia (EST): 22:30 on 11th Sept (repeated at 14:00 on 13th)

As America prepares to mark the 7th anniversary of the horrific terror attacks of 2001, Christians from all denominations will be gathering in New York next Wednesday evening for an important "Cry Out America" prayer rally, which will be televised LIVE on GOD TV.

Organized by the Awakening America Alliance (AAA), Cry Out America seeks to mobilize Christians in prayer against the spiritual decline of a nation where, according to current statistics, only 17% of Americans attend church and which has now become the world’s third largest missions field.

"2008 is a spiritually critical year for our nation," said AAA chairman Billy Wilson, "The current condition of America demands united and decisive action. We need more than one positive election, more than one court decision, more than one good series of sermons - we must experience a new national awakening in our generation.”

The live broadcast will act as a precursor to state-to-state prayer gatherings on September 11 when believers will unite in simultaneous nationwide prayer at their county courthouses to mark this significant day in its history with powerful intercession for every state, every county and every citizen.

“GOD TV stands with the Awakening America Alliance to unite the nation in prayer,” says the network’s co-founder and director of television, Wendy Alec. “I firmly believe America is on the brink of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but this will only happen as we, the Body of Christ, humble ourselves and pray. It is therefore an immense privilege to broadcast CRY OUT AMERICA LIVE to rally believers worldwide to join together in fervent intercession for this great nation ... I believe God is calling His people to rise up, for there is a new day and a new hour of God’s glory coming to America, that has not been seen yet upon the earth.”

If you can make it, come to New York. But if you can’t, then tune in to GOD TV, set up a big screen at your home or local church and invite everyone to join together. Whatever you do, don’t miss this extraordinary event! The LIVE broadcast can be viewed on DIRECTV Channel 365 in the US, as well as online at www.god.tv/stream. If you live outside the USA, then go to http://www.god.tv/ to find the broadcast channels and times for your region.

About GOD TV

GOD TV was founded in the UK in 1995 by Christian media pioneers Rory & Wendy Alec and in 12 short years has become a global phenomenon. Today the network beams a broad cross section of cutting-edge programming, including many life-changing LIVE broadcasts, into millions of homes worldwide. The only Christian broadcaster to transmit globally from Jerusalem, GOD TV’s powerful signal is carried via multiple satellites providing free viewing to almost half a billion people 24-hours-a-day.

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