Thursday, September 11, 2008

Haiti Hit Hard by Hurricane Ike

Once again, our hearts go out to our precious families in Haiti as Ike has unleashed its fury on this nation. It has been reported that four major storms in three weeks have killed more than 600 people and left hundreds of thousands in desperate need of food, clean water, and shelter. More stormy weather hampered relief efforts Sunday [September 7th]. And, the heavy rains brought down a key bridge which severed the only viable land route to the hardest hit city, Gonaives, forcing trucks loaded with emergency supplies to turn back from assisting this area.

The Church of God of Prophecy in Haiti is reporting that much of the country is separated now due to the bridges that went down. As a result of the hurricanes;

  1. Part of the [sea] wall at the orphanage has fallen down. This is one of the major projects that we must correct very soon unless we risk losing the entire orphanage property to the sea. We have had an engineer recently visit Haiti to review this project, and the best possible answer to remedy this need according to the engineer is for us to build a new sea wall on the inside of the old wall. It will require about $25-30,000 to fulfill this major need. Currently, over 80 orphans are housed on the very property that is at risk, and may intake more orphans as a result of these recent storms.
  2. In the South East area of Haiti, 8 churches are damamged with roofs gone and 3 churches completely destroyed. 800 families are flooded.
  3. Nearby, 2 church members are dead, 9 churches damaged, either walls fallen down or roofs lifted, 1000 members flooded, 100 houses crashed.
  4. Mapou, Font Verrettes and Bodarie: 2 church members dead with their houses fallen over them, 5 churches damaged and 4 churches completely destroyed, about 1000 members flooded.
  5. Gonaives: one church there is completely flooded including our 300 peopled attending that church.
  6. Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite: 2 churches completely destroyed, 1500 persons affected and their houses damaged as well.
  7. Miragoane: part of church roof is gone.
  8. Mariani, near Port-au-Prince: Roof lifted completedly and thrown into the sea by strong winds.
  9. South and Grand-Anse: Jeremie city is completely flooded including 2000 families flooded.
  10. Pilate: This church is new and was under construction; all the walls falled down.
  11. La Coma: part of the church falled down.
  12. Boucan Patrio: part of church roof is gone.
  13. Jean Rabel: Roof of the church is gone.

(This is a partial report.)

How to Send Help

Send donations to:

Church of God of Prophecy

Haiti Relief Efforts

P.O. Box 2910

Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

[By David Bryan from Cliff Haven News by Pastor Brian Sutton]

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