Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Answers For Pastors

(Q) - I pastor a small church (60-70). My volunteer leaders continue to fail in following through after communicating my expectations. What do I do when there are no present replacements?

(A) - Try the following ideas:

1. Create Teams. Find the people in your church that have the MOST INFLUENCE besides you, and make them leaders over groups. Sometimes people will be more loyal to a friendship than an institution. Use these groups to get things done. A good book on this is Doing Church as a Team by Wayne Cordeiro. (http://www.enewhope.org/)

2. Motivate volunteers with perks. For instance, we need 90 people to staff our nurseries each week and that is a tough place to get volunteers. A big motivator we use is to give away a free vacation for two (approx $1000 from the budget) once a year. Each time a person worked the nursery, they could put their name in the box. At the Christmas party, we drew one name out of the box for the free vacation. If you work every week, your name is in the box 52 times. It was a great way to motivate. I have a long list of ways to motivate volunteers in our hospitality manual. It includes things like coffee rooms and free shoe shines for ushers.

3. Downsize. When companies don't have enough resources they downsize. The only way to downsize a smaller church is to downsize the programs. Many small churches are very over programmed. The same workers are rotated in and out of several programs that lack momentum and cause frustration because they are strangulating. It's better to be great at a few things, that bad at many things. Just a thought!

[Brian Cutshall - http://www.churchtrainer.com/]

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