Friday, September 12, 2008

Pastor, What Do You Do When People Leave Church?

Every few years, it seems like a small wave of our faithful people leave the church. They often say things like:

- We just don’t get time with you anymore.
- The church has gotten too big.
- Things have changed.

I wish I could lovingly express:

- I hoped your involvement in the ministry was based on much more than your time with me.
- Aren’t you excited God is using our church to reach people? Would you rather we don’t reach people and stay small?
- Isn’t it great things have changed? Would you rather freeze in time?

Some faithful believers simply find it tough to be a part of a changing church. Many pastors fight to keep them in church. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it is a mistake.

While I try to express my genuine love, if the people are always going to be disappointed with the direction of the church, I’ve found it is better to let them move on.

I try to always speak well of them. I try not to take it personally. I try to always show them the love of Christ with each encounter. And I try to continue to move the church forward.

[from : swerve by Craig Groeschel]

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