Friday, September 12, 2008

Christanity Expands in Belarus

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The church of Jesus Christ is making headway in Belarus in spite of government oppression.
In Minsk, the capital, secret Christian concerts are held as college students come into town for a new school year. One missionary reported:
The summer is over, but it is still a hot time for the church. As you know we have many students, and we use this special time when freshmen come to Minsk to get to know them and to get them for Christ.

Yesterday we had an evangelization concert where three different Christian music bands and dance team participated. About 150 students attended and many of them had never been to any kind of church before. It was a great time to get to know them. I didn't preach there for long. I just shared with them how much I love my children and how much more our Father God loves all of us. And also, I told them that I wanted to pray for them, to be their pastor and to take care of them. Now we pray that they will come to church this Sunday. We are planning to have a fellowship with tea just after our church service.

We are making plans to have evangelization meetings for the youth every month. Please, keep this in your prayers.
[Missionary's name withheld for his safety. Sponsored by the Church of God of Prophecy.]

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