Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stinking Thinking

- We want OUR WAY.
- We believe OUR WAY is superior to all other ways.
- We believe this is OUR CHURCH and we should be able to do as we please regardless of others.
- We believe some wrongs are unforgettable and should color are future issues.
- We believe there is no value in releasing our hurts or pain because it may be helpful to us later.
- We believe God is on OUR SIDE, after all we do love Him.
- We believe winning a church spat is spiritual.
- We believe controlling the church to our way of thinking is more important than the many unsaved people in our community.
- We believe we are doing God a favor by making a stink about silly things.

This kind of thinking is destructive to any church.

Have you ever bumped into people with any of these sentiments?

[from by billisaacs]

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