Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cool Resources

- ChurchMetrics - A free web-based application that helps you keep tabs on attendance, giving, salvations and baptisms at your church.
- Donor Tools - Simple, inexpensive online donor management software for non-profits.
- Jarbyco - Create one of a kind mobile applications, custom-tailored for you and your audience. Text messaging application that allows you to quiz, poll and survey the congregation, message people, create audience interaction and more!
- Unifyer - Web-based application that unites online communication, online networking and dynamic media content for your church community. In other words, it is like having a custom social network for your church.
- AspireOne Media Player - The Media Player showcases all of your media organized in one place. Offered and supported by AspireOneMedia a partner of Granger Community Church and Wired Churches.

[from Planting Space by Patrick]

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