Monday, September 15, 2008

Which Presidential Candidate Do I Vote For?

In America, we are more than heavily influenced by a two-party system. All candidates talk about "change" and "shaking up Washington." But, can any one person effect significant change?

The first thing a new congressman or senator is told when they get to Washington is to follow party lines. Each party actually has a "whip" to keep Representatives in line with the party.

So, what is really important is the Party Platform. Read each party's official platform. Skip the biased news networks and commentators. Go right to each Party's official website and their platform. It will tell you what they really believe and what agendas they will have for the next four years.

Determine which platform more closely represents your personal beliefs and values. Then vote your conscience, hopefully your Christian conscience. Which platform has the most violations to God's Word?

Republican Platform;

Democrat Platform;

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