Monday, September 15, 2008

Going Public With the Problem

When you determine a problem can’t be resolved privately, you’ll likely need to make preparations to take it public. When you stand before your church, or women’s group, or small group, or student group, here are five things you’ll want to do:

  • Acknowledge the problem
  • Own your mistakes
  • Present the plan
  • Answer questions
  • Recap with vision

Each of these thoughts seems basic–and they are. But they are all very important. Let’s talk about acknowledging the problem.

Too many leaders avoid “owning” or “acknowledging” the problem. Some ministers attempt to turn difficult seasons of ministry into a spiritual pep rally explaining what great things God is going to do. In many ways, this lacks integrity.

When something is not right and we don’t acknowledge it, many will lose confidence in our leadership. They’ll assume that either we don’t know about it (which doesn’t reflect well on us) or that we don’t have the courage to address it.

People would rather have you “tell it like it is” than ignore or hide the problem. A truthful acknowledgment is almost always better than pretending there is not a problem.

Telling the truth takes integrity. People follow leaders with integrity.

[From : swerve by Craig Groeschel]

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