Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why Preach?

Since the goal of preaching is that God may change lives through His Word, preaching is the ultimate tool for church growth. But how can you be effective in communication through preaching? Listed below are eight questions to ask about your preaching.

1. Who will I be preaching to?

Asking questions like, "What are their needs?", "What are their hurts?", and, "What are their interests?" will help us focus on where the people are. Why ask? Because although there are three things that always get one's attention:

- Things that threaten us.
- Things that are unusual.
- Things that we value.

"A preacher can only consistently keep people's attention by focusing on what people value."

2. What does the bible say about their needs? Since the Bible is the Book of Life, is will have the answer to peoples needs! The preacher's task is to show the Bible to be relevant for today's needs.

3. What is the most practical way to say it? Application is the central task in preaching. So, preaching must be practical enough for people to know what to do. How to make preaching more practical?

- Always aim for action.
- Tell the people why.
- Show them how.

Exhortation without explanation leads to frustration. Too often people respond to a message with the expression, "Yes, but how?" In other words, I agree with what you're saying, but "how do I do it?"

4. What is the most positive way to say it? Jesus never tried to convert anyone with anger. Although the Scriptures clearly warn of judgment, negative preaching only produces negative people.

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