Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Institute of Children's Ministry

In just 34 days children's ministers from throughout North America will come together to experience TRANSFORMATION! Here are some highlights of this year's Institute.

TONY SUTHERLAND - Tony Sutherland, Children's Worship Pastor at Free Chapel under Pastor Jentezen Franklin --> is a featured guest at this year's Institute. The KidPak worship band as well as the Lil' Pazaz children's dance team from Free Chapel will be ministering with Tony on Friday night. You won't want to miss Tony's inspirational message from God's heart to you and the awesome worship of the KidPak worship band and the Lil' Pazaz children's dance ministry team.

DICK GRUBER - Dick Gruber, a creator of Children's Ministry University --> online and co-host of the Children's Ministry Talk pod cast is also a featured guest. Dick will be sharing his expertise in the areas of evangelism, children's worship, creative ministry, and leadership.

EXHIBITION EXPLOSION! - This year we are inviting a variety of children's ministry publishers and resource providers to participate in an exposition of the latest in curriculum, ministries, and resources. There'll be demonstrations, give-a-ways, and blue-light specials and you can be sure to leave with an armful of great children's ministry resources.

MEET THE TRANSFORMERS! - Ministry spotlights and an on-site tour of local children's ministries will introduce you to children's ministers who are leading their ministries to TRANSFORMATION. Learn from them about the frustrations and joys of pursuing transformation in ministry. Take away creative ideas and words of wisdom that can be used to bring transformation to your ministry.

CHANGED TO REFLECT HIS GLORY - As all ICM alumni know, ICM is about Him. Each morning you will experience transformation as Kay Horner teaches transformational truth from God's Word and invites you to respond in prayer and worship.

Attend this year's Institute of Children's Ministry, May 21-24, at the Peerless Road Church of God of Prophecy in Cleveland, Tennessee. Experience transformation, reflect His glory.

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