Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Gift for Senior Pastors

[From Pastor Steven Furtick by sf]

Recently I recorded a discussion about protecting your pastor with 12 men in our church who mean a great deal to me. If you are a senior pastor and you’d like to have this resource on CD, we’ll send it to you for free. No strings attached. We’re not trying to get you on a mailing list. I just thought this would be a blessing to you.

Email us your mailing address, and we’ll send it out as soon as possible.

Send it by Tuesday, April 15. That date should make it easy to remember. After that, I’ll have to close the offer to make sure it’s not a looming headache administratively for our staff.

(I know several of you may prefer a link for download, but for this one, we’ll only be mailing out CDs. Thanks for understanding. Oh, and senior pastors only this time around, please.)

Click here to email us.

Thanks for reading the blog. We value you.

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