Friday, March 28, 2008

Money Management Conference for Churches

Church Executive magazine is sponsoring an event to help churches being affected by the recent economic downturn. The two-day workshop, designed to help churches anticipate and prepare money strategies for possible lean times, will take place this spring.

On May 19-20, Church Executive magazine will sponsor "Managing the Money: Transactions and Transparency" in Grapevine, Texas. Spokesman Ron Keener says the sessions on money management could be vital to the financial solvency of churches whose members are facing their own cash crises during the current tough economic climate -- including salary freezes, layoffs, and foreclosures.

Monetary conditions in the lives of church members, according to Keener, impact "congregations ... and what's put in the offering plate." He contends churches may soon "deal with a cash flow that might be going downward."

Keener believes churches should also investigate the need to set aside proper cash reserves or even acquire a line of credit. He says the seminars will be chock-full of ways for church pastors, business administrators, and finance committee members to learn how to analyze expenses, work on financial targets, and adjust operational plans for a more secure future. "It's a matter of controlling costs and understanding how they can take care of financial matters better," Keener notes.

Church Executive magazine is published for larger churches and megachurches needing guidance in administration and management. Registration for the workshop is available at the magazine's website.

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