Saturday, May 28, 2011

Elva Howard Update

Elva Howard, the mother of COGOP General Overseer Randall Howard, was hit by a truck Wednesday while she was standing in tghe check-out line in the garden department at Lowe's in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Sister Howard was air-lifted to a Chattanooga hospital.  It was a traumatic event and the man who was standing beside her is still in critical condition.  Sister Howard has five broken ribs and a fractured vertebrae.  She will recover by God great help.

Sister Howard is still in a lot of pain.  Please continue to pray for this precious family.

Sister Elva Howard served the Church of God of Prophecy for many years as International Women's Ministries Director.

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Anonymous said...

We are sorry to hear of the accident of our dear Sis Howard. I trust she is making good recovery. We love this woman of grace and faith. We are in prayer for you.

Blanche McCalla: England