Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

As a father, can you honestly say the following?
  • I often discuss things with my child.
  • I praise my children for things they do well.
  • I know what encourages my child.
  • I am a good example to my children.
  • I try not to vary much in the way I deal with my children.
  • I read the scriptures with my children often.
  • I express affection to my children.
  • My child and I often do things together.
  • I know what motivates my child.
  • My children know what to expect from me.
  • I pray with my children.
  • I tell my children they are special to me.
  • We have a family worship time in the home.
  • I teach my children skills.
  • I talk about spiritual things with my children.
  • My child and I have fun together.
  • I tell my children I am proud of them.
[National Center for Fathering]

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