Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Stewardship

In these times of economic challenges, every Christian must decide the prudent steps to take in order to be a good steward of whatever resources one has.

It is not the time to stop tithing and giving. We need God's blessings now more than ever. It is not the time for the windows of Heaven to be closed.

Among prudent cutbacks, there are also other areas Christians should not cut. The folks at Money Talks News advise that cutting some things may save you now but cost you later. Examples?

  1. Your oil change. Skipping oil changes might save you 30 bucks today, but a seized engine could cost you $5,000 down the road. Something you might cut back on? Tune-ups. If your car is running well, it’s probably ok.
  2. When it comes to car insurance, don’t cut your liability. But if your car is only worth a few hundred dollars, you might consider dropping collision. Weigh the cost/benefit.
  3. Your health: many people are tempted to skip or cut doses in half to prolong prescriptions. Bad idea … even if you’re feeling fine. Good idea? Ask your doctor about generic substitutes or free samples.
  4. And finally your home. Even if the value of your home is falling, the cost to rebuild it isn't: don’t lower your coverage. Do however, look into raising your deductible. Going from $250 to $1,000 can save 15% or more.

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