Friday, March 20, 2009

Pastor Robin Beets Arrested on Sex Charges

A trusted Pulaski, Tennessee Reverend is facing some disturbing charges.

42-year old Robin Beets is the pastor of the Welcome Valley Baptist Church in Giles County.

Beets is charged with rape and kidnapping. He was arrested earlier this week, now police say they found additional evidence against him. Folks who know the Reverend are stunned.

Beets was released Wednesday from the Giles County jail on $152,000 bond.

[from WAAY - WAAY News and Home]


Anonymous said...

These charges have to be false. I have known Robin for many years and he is one of the finest christains I know. He is not capable of these charges. We love you and are praying for you Robin. Mary and Don

My Blinders Are Off said...

Mrs. Shannon I would like to encourage you to be cautious with your public support of Robin Beets, in order that you do not appear overly foolish when all of this is said and done. I'm speaking in regards to the Aggrevated Kidnapping and Aggrevated Rape charges which Robin Beets was charged with and arrested on in March and has recently been indicted on by the Grand Jury. You are mistaken Mrs. Shannon when you say that Robin is not capable of these charges. If he is one of the finest christians you know, I would encourage you to get out and meet more people. I am confident that justice will be served in this case and the people of Giles County will finally get to see Robin Beets for the man he truly is rather that the man he has pretended to be. Please continue to pray for Robin and espically his children.