Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hosting a Guest Speaker

Here are a few suggestions for hosting a guest speaker:

- Explain what you’re hoping for them to do in advance. I’ve been to many places that asked me to speak once. When I arrive, they ask if I’ll do more. While I’m happy to, knowing in advance is a great advantage. Be clear about your expectations so you’re guest speaker can serve your church well. If you can give guidance on what you’d like them to talk on, time constraints, other information can be helpful.
- Maximize their time. If a speaker needs to rest, give him time to rest and prepare. If she is available to invest in others and has the energy, set up a time for your staff to interview her. If you want to get to know him and he loves golf, plan to play 9 holes. If he has to come in and leave immediately, honor his time constraints.
- Cover their travel costs when possible. If they’re driving, give them some money for gas. If they are flying, cover their expenses.
- Make arrangements for an overnight stay. If they have to stay overnight, some will want to stay with you others have no desire to stay in a home. Put them in a hotel room if they desire.
- Small things make a big difference. Some ministries will pay an honorarium which is a generous way to say “thank you” for being away from home to minister. Other small things mean a lot. I’ve had several churches get a gift for my wife or all my kids to say “thank you.” That meant more to me than money. Providing snacks is small thing that makes a difference after traveling.

[from : swerve by Craig Groeschel]

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