Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Security Role of Church Ushers & Greeters

Church leaders, no matter what the size or location of the church, have a responsiblity to develop plans and processes that help ensure the safety and security of members, visitors and church property. This is made more challenging by the fact that criminals and those who are intent upon violence may target church buildings, congregations and individual church members.

In addition, church buildings have the same risks as other buildings about safety and security problems related to natural disasters, fires, mechanical and electrical failures and safety hazards.

One of the key components of a church security program is observant and responsive greeters, ushers and deacons. These frontline roles are often the first people to see or hear problems, and often have access to all parts of the building before, during and after the service. But sadly, many greeters and ushers receieve little or no training related to the role they can play in observing, getting help quickly and providing leadership in an emergency situation.

Church Security Concerns: The Role of Greeters and Ushers is a free, 24 page PDF document, which can be copied for use in church security training. It provides a well-balanced, realistic approach that can help the meeters and greeters of churches feel more confident and be more effective in situations of concern as well as in emergencies. This document has been useful for pastors, church security teams and greeter/usher teams, as well as being a great resource for distribution by law enforcement organizations.

- The role of greeters and ushers in the area of church security (with or without a formal security team).
- Awareness and response
- Potential security concerns and options for action
- A security self-evaluation checklist

This security information is a great addition to your church manual and should be part of the orientation training for all greeters, ushers, deacons and church leadership.

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