Friday, January 16, 2009

Pastor's Kid (PK) Syndrome

Ministry can be very hard on pastor’s children:
- Your kids will hear you criticized.
- Your kids will watch you hurt.
- Your kids may see you wrongly strike back.
- Your kids might see your hypocrisy up close.
- Your kids might reject the church because you’re always there.
- Your kids may enjoy the extra attention when they are young and despise it when they mature.

No matter how healthy your church is, a pastor’s kid will likely feel a different sort of pressure. Here are a few things we do to help our kids grow up in the fishbowl:
- Put the kids’ activities ahead of the church calendar.
- Rarely work evenings. The evenings should be family time. Try not to compromise your day off with church needs.
- Don’t talk about your kids in a sermon without their permission.
- Try not to talk negatively about the church.
- Give the kids a break from church. Every now and then, let them stay home or do something else so going to church doesn’t become a legalistic chore.
- Live your private life with personal devotion to Christ. Pray and talk about spiritual things with our children regularly.

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[from : swerve by Craig Groeschel]


Anonymous said...

- Don't just sign them up to do stuff and then tell them at last minute.

- Don't make them be involved with church constantly. Sometimes they need a break.

Anonymous said...

Dont constantly tell your kids they are being watched and that they have to be examples to their friends and others. -Scott, PK