Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18 of a 21-Day Fast

God Is Your Rock

God doesn’t want you to worry. He wants to be in control of your life and guide you through your daily challenges. As you are fasting, and giving God your body, give Him your spirit, too.

On your eighteenth day of fasting, remember:
- Lean on your group and your partner for support
- Keep water and juice with you
- Use your prayer time and prayer place
- Worship and find strength with music
- Journal your experience
- Meditate on what this experience means to you
- Keep sugar free mints or gum on hand

Physical Effects:
- Continued weight loss
- Bad breath is apparent
- Your awareness of God’s power is heightened
- Cravings are evident, but avoid temptation

Today’s Quote: “This frightening hour calls aloud for men with the gift of prophetic insight. I am talking about His coming and possessing the full body and mind and life and heart, taking the whole personality over, gently but directly and bluntly, making it His, so that we may become a habitation of God through the Spirit.” (A.W. Tozer -- Gems from Tozer)

Thoughts for your Journal:
- Examine any areas of un-forgiveness and bitterness that the Lord is asking you to surrender to Him.

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