Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The ABC's of Supporting Your Pastor

As Clergy Appreciation Month comes to a close, I must leave you with the ABC's of supporting your pastor:

A Accept him
B Befriend him
C Compliment him
D Defend him
E Encourage him
F Fellowship
G Give him time for his family
H Help him
I Include him in your plans
J Join him in leading others to Christ
K Kindness toward him
L Love him and Lift him up
M Minister with him
N Notify him when he is needed
O Open your homes and hearts to him
P Pray for him
Q Quote him correctly
R Recognize his role
S Strengthen him/Support him
T Thank him
U Undergird him
V Voice your feelings to him, not others
W Work with him
X X out every word of criticism and discouragement
Y Yield yourselves to God with him
Z Zeal for Christ and His church

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