Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Ministry to Refugees in the Country of Georgia

Missionary John Doroshuk reports that Rusa has been in Cerovaniwhich, 20 kl from Tbilisi. They visited the place where new housing is being built for refugees from the Ckhinvali region.
The government is assisting for these people before winter sets in, to move them from tents to houses. However, the people do not have furnishings nor appliances. The ministry provided some small furniture -- tables, chairs, and beds.
Also, they visited a tent-town in Gori and distributed towels, sheets, pillows and other necessities. People are in mush distress. They are cold. They cannot send their children to school. And when the ministry brought them gifts, they took them quickly.
Additional needs were documented. Mostly they need cloth and hygiene supplied. All of them have physiological problems.
Thank you to everyone who has helped. If you feel impressed to help in some way, contact missionary John Doroshuk at

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