Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missionary John Doroshuk Reports From the Country of Georgia

Yesterday was a very full day. We were at one refugee camp and two refugee centers. I fought back tears most of the day as we listened to the tragic stories.
One young mother with three children still does not know where her husband is. Another young mother with four children last saw her husband as he went to work in the morning on the 7th of August.
One elderly couple fled for 8 days on a small farm tractor through forest, mountain paths and fields to get away from the Russian front. They have received word that their house, barn and fields have been completely destroyed.
A little boy slept with a coat as a covering. We bought him his own blanket.
We were able to help 37 families with fruit and vegetables as well as some daily necessities.
Some or most of these people have not even seen an apple since the war. One little boy, before he ate his apple, put some apples on a small plate and wanted to share them with us.
These people are worried about what is going to happen when winter comes. Those in the tent city are already cold at night as it is located close to the mountains. They are all begging for warmer bedding and of course for winter clothing and footwear.
Then there is the great concern of what will it be like when and if they can return to their homes. They will need funds to restore their homes, at least walls, roof, windows and doors.
There are so many young mothers with babies with only a little water and a small wash basin to do all of the laundry. Pampers would be a God send to them.
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