Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preacher - Remember These Three Things

The mind battles that are fought before and after a message are intense. Some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows are while a message is being prepared, delivered and the days (and even weeks) that follow. Here are a few pieces of advice …

#1 - Get alone with God and let Him set you on fire.

John Wesley once said, “I just set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” We NEED that in our speakers today.

I’m afraid too many of us are dominated by the thought, “what is so and so going to think if I say this.” And we become WAY more obsessed with not offending people … and in doing so we are perfectly willing to offend Jesus.

Get ALONE with God and let Him absolutely put a message inside of you that absolutely burns your very soul … and you feel like you will explode if you don’t get what He’s put in you out of you!

One more thing before I move on … FIRE BURNS! If you preach what God has burned into your heart, God will use it to purify some … and burn others! You should never be so concerned with people’s comfort that you neglect God’s command.

#2 - Know That People Will Sometimes Misunderstand What You Say … And Even Get Angry!

It will not be intentional, but you will offend people. Someone will take just a small piece of what you say and blow it COMPLETELY out of context.

People will tell you AFTER you speak what you should and should not have said. Anyone can be an “arm chair quarterback” and “call the plays” from the comfort of their living room. But, once again, allow God to get you on fire, to put HIS WORDS in YOUR HEART, don’t feel like you need to throw out a disclaimer for every other statement.

#3 - Keep The “One Day” Principle In Mind.

Hebrews 13:17 is a verse that every pastor SHOULD memorize.

One day we will stand before God and be held accountable for how we lead and communicate.

Every message I prepare and deliver I have to say, “Would I be willing to stand in front of the Almighty right now with a clear conscience in regards to this message?”

You see, when we preach – HE is the ONE we are called to honor … not the deacons, church board or the largest giver!

One day we will stand in front of God … and if you are settled in your heart in regards to that – then step out and speak with confidence and conviction, knowing that you cannot always please God and man.

By the way … before I close let me say that I am FULLY CONVINCED that it is a great idea for pastors to bounce their messages off of a group of people for the purpose of clarity and getting new ideas and thoughts … but, they will not stand beside you one day when you go before God … it will be you and Him … so always make sure that you are doing what you do for His honor … HIS ALONE!

[Perry Noble]

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