Monday, July 14, 2008

Pastor - Stay Sharp

In his book, Practicing Greatness, Reggie McNeal discusses how great leaders need to stay very sharp mentally. Reggie gives us several ways that we can keep our brain chemistry healthy. Some are simple. Others take a little more effort:
  • Adequate sleep (a sleep-hungry brain is subject to fuzzy thinking and poor judgment)
  • Proper Diet (especially a good amount of protein)
  • Moderate your use of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine (don’t use these to medicate your anxiety
  • Adequate exercise (helps physically, but also mentally)
  • Daily doses of positive human contact (leaders who are connected are keeping their brains "wired")
  • Mental recreation (It helps from making your thoughts dull and tired)
  • Muse time (time to ponder, noodle, reflect)

[By Todd Rhoades]

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