Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Families View Remains of Missing Boys

It was an emotional scene at the Restview Funeral Home yesterday when the family of Grand Bahama's murdered four missing boys gathered for their first glimpse of the boys' remains since they went missing in 2003.

The families all gathered in the waiting areas as officials readied the remains for viewing. Each family was called up one by one to view their loved ones remains, resulting in a series of tearful and emotional expressions of grief and to some degree relief.

Funeral arrangements have been made for the boys and it was revealed that the service, financed by the Grand Bahama Port Authority, will be held on Saturday, July 5, at the Community at Heart Tabernacle Church of God of Prophecy.

Deeply grieved and disturbed over the abduction and death of each of their sons five years ago, mothers of the boys, had been long awaiting the release of their loved ones' remains to allow them a proper burial.

The latest plea came in May when the mothers, led by pastor Glenroy Bethel, who heads Families for Justice, expressed their grief at a press conference and pleaded to the Attorney General for help.

Beginning May 2003, the disappearance of five adolescent boys over a six-month period in Grand Bahama baffled residents, the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and even Scotland Yard.

Twelve-year-old Jake Grant went missing on May 9, 2003. Then 11-year-old Mackinson Colas, seven days later. Eleven days after that, another schoolboy, 13-year-old DeAngelo McKenzie, vanished.

After a two-month lull, 11-year-old Junior Reme disappeared on July 29 and then Desmond Rolle, 14, was reported missing on September 29.

The boys all frequented the same game room, attended government school and were bag packers at the grocery store.

The skeletal remains of four young men were found on Sunday, October 26, 2003 in a remote pine forest area in East Grand Bahama one day before police say the admitted perpetrator, Cordell Farrington, had turned himself in.

[By ANGELO ARMBRISTER - Freeport News Reporter]

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